Inside Robby’s Musical Talent

Robby’s music is a story. Telling the story of lost heritage, deep culture and the magic of the indigenous traditions in Australia. He pays respect to the wisdoms and tribute to the suffering of the many generations before him until this day.
Growing up with his grandmother, art, music and creativity were at the core of Robby’s world. Raised on his indigenous homeland in the Central Victorian hamlet of Chinkapook (Wergaia tribe) he was free to spend his time creating everything from his own toys to art and music. His early childhood memories filled with his grandmother surrounding him with music.
Throughout his life, as he grew, like many indigenous youth, he became separated from his home, his culture and his creative roots and his journey, took him to both incredible height’s and the lowest of lows.

“As a child I was always creating, making something out of nothing, when it came to music, it was at a time in my life when I was making something out of something real, out of all the things that happened to me & all the things I have done”

There is a saying “I thank the fall for showing me how to rise” and it was during his time in prison, Robby fell back into his heritage and culture, with music and art helping him rise up and change his life’s course. He taught himself to play guitar, and spent his long, often isolated days, reading, learning and understating his people’s history and his own story within that. From this place, he started creating music and art as a way to bring that story out to the world.
Infused with forgotten and lost native language, stories from elders and his own life and history his music is so real, and the depth and soul within it will touch your heart as it moves you body.
2017 marks the first studio recording release of his solo music, as well as some exciting collaborations with both local and international talent.