Artist. Singer. Songwriter
Robby Wirramanda Knight, the indigenous artist & musical talent who also happens to be a former MMA world champion! This combination is as unique and captivating as the true depth that you feel in his lyrics and melodies.
As a self taught artist, fighter and musician Robby’s path has not always been smooth. He spent four years behind bars, and during this time, reconnected deeply with his indigenous heritage and artistic talent. You can feel in his music, it comes from a place of experience and depth that only develops with time spent on the darker side of a life’s journey. It is a kind of depth that sets him apart, singing and performing from a place that not only celebrates all the gifts that freedom and life brings, but shows deep respect for his indigenous culture.
Robby’s visual and sculptural arts have already won the attention of galleries, collectors and celebrities alike, and his next journey into music is set to follow the same successful path, with the recording of his first studio tracks.
Robby’s unique signature style, a mix of soul, country & melodic tunes has wide appeal stretching across audiences and age groups alike.
With gallery openings, an up coming feature documentary about his life story and a whole album of new music ready to bring to the world, Robby is the Australian musical talent to watch.