Featured in the national galleries and museums and revered by collectors, Robby’s traditional indigenous paintings, sculptures and creative pieces are an extension of his incredible creativity and story telling ability.
His artwork is both detailed and skilled, a teacher of the sacred stories of his family and heritage. His creations are large and grand in both size and detail and the stories they tell are rich in cultural and modern relevance.
In 2017 Robby, in partnership with a well known Australian art collector and highly regarded indigenous art appraiser will open his first two galleries. The galleries will not only represent his own artwork, but that of his fellow community members and broader Australian Indigenous artists. As a part of the community, Robby would like to bring a sense of both authenticity and integrity to the artwork and the stories they tell. His goal, to share them with the broader public so that more and more Australians and people of the world can understand and appreciate the deep history and culture at its doorstep. The Wirramanda Galleries will be located in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Brighton and his home land in CHINKAPOOK, CENTRAL VICTORIA near the salt flats of Lake Tyrrell.
Below are some of his original works, should you wish to learn more about Wirramanda Gallery and Robby’s art, click here to be redirected to the galleries webpage.
Carved wood sculpture
Story painting on canvas